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          St Mark's Catholic School

          St Mark's Catholic School



          The School Learning Resources Centre is here to offer a central focus for reading, learning and to provide an atmosphere where pupils can work with confidence.

          The Centre aims to provide a wide range of materials for pupils of all abilities and interests - not only for research and homework but also to encourage reading for pleasure and as a hobby.


          Each pupil and member of staff is a member of the LRC and will have their fingerprint recorded in order to take books out.

          • Pupils may borrow 3 books for a period of two weeks.
          • Books may be renewed if not required by another user, but must be produced at the counter. Overdue letters will be sent to Heads of Year.
          • Pupils in Years 12 and 13 may borrow up to 6 items each.

          Using the LRC

          The LRC is open and staffed between the hours of 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.

          • Pupils may use the LRC before and after school.
          • Pupils needing to use the LRC independently during lesson times must have a written note of permission in their homework diary and will need to sign-in at the LRC counter.
          • Teachers may book in classes to use the LRC in advance by seeing a member of the LRC staff.
          • The LRC staff are here to help you find the resources you require. Please ask for help.

          Reading Groups and Literacy activities

          • The LRC has a number of reading groups, including those to judge book awards, such as: The Carnegie Medal, a National children's book award, which is shadowed by  schools across the country. The Hounslow Teen Read, our own local book award, judged by students from secondary schools in Hounslow.
          • The LRC hosts events to celebrate National Poetry Day and World Book Day.
          • The LRC has an annual Book Week, with activities and competitions, as well as a book faiir and author visits.
          • St Mark's students represent the school at Borough-wide literacy events, such as The Hounslow Spelling Bee, The Poetry Slam, and Black History Month.







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